12 - 14 OTTOBRE 2022



Three days that will change the way you think about business

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12 - 14 OTTOBRE 2022
9AM - 5PM (CEST)



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Our mission is to provide a range of easy to use business applications that form a complete suite of tools to accompany
any business need. 
We give millions of companies easy access to the software
they need to run and expand their business.
Here at Odoo, we have developed 30 main applications which
are regularly upgraded. In addition, our community of more than 1500 active members, have contributed another to 16000+ apps to cover a wide variety of business needs.

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Speakers from all over the world will give inspiring talks on a range of subjects such
as Odoo best practices, development, functional capabilities and business growth.

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Get an exclusive look at the latest version of Odoo which will be released during the event. 
Join us and discover Odoo 16 and its new apps and features.

Opening Keynote • Unveiling Odoo 16          October 12th • 9:00 AM (CEST)

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Lucio Valente is an IT entrepreneur and Odoo enthusiast. Cofounder of Rapsodoo, 

a European Odoo Partner with 3 gold partnerships (Italy, Switzerland, and Spain). In the previous years, he founded other companies and covered the CEO role.



Giovanni is a Project Manager and Business Analyst with three years of experience 

on Project Management and Odoo Implementations. He is passionate about technological innovation and has a strong interest in the Digitization of Business Processes. He is responsible for projects delivery at Rapsodoo, Odoo Gold Partner.



Paolo is an open minded person, critical observer. Quick learner and very focused in order to achieve the best results. Effective team player, he works in an international environment and embrace new challenges. Moreover, Paolo is a customer-oriented person and problem solver.   



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LUCIO VALENTE        14/10/22, 10:30

The successful story of Odoo adoption in Heiq AG

Customer Success Story    Community Talk

In choosing a new Corporate Digital Platform meant to be used by hundreds of employees across a dozen of companies in several countries, Heiq went through a tough software selection process where several famous brands brought their proposals in. Heiq is a huge corporation that used to have different software integrated together, a solution that was slowing down their business. Following this tight selection, Odoo made it to the final shortlist and was then chosen over Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, becoming the one and only software to streamline and improve the flows and processes inside the company. This talk will go through the long and complex process of adopting Odoo inside a big enterprise like Heiq. We will see how, strictly adhering to the Odoo Implementation Methodology, Heiq managed to overcome its pain points through the replacement of different software with a comprehensive platform like Odoo. Their new solution consists of Odoo apps ranging from CRM to stock management and accounting, including sales, purchases and many other core modules. Their new omni-comprehensive platform managed to replace all the existing software and granted Heiq a huge saving in opex maintenance and licenses.

GIOVANNI CORRADO      14/10/22, 12:00

MRP Demand Simulator with Odoo 

Functional    Community Talk

MRP Demand Simulator is a module that helps users calculate the component requirements based on the demand for the Products and related BoMs (bill of materials) and to carry out procurement orders based on the configured routes of each component.

With MRP Demand Simulator, select a list of products (add them massively through a search domain) and start the simulation.
The simulation will analyze the BoM of all the products (also if they have a multilevel BoM) and generate a list of the demanded products. Once that list is created, you can see the forecast of each component. Then, you can calculate the effective demand based on the forecast, edit and replenish it based on the configured routes of each component.

Finally, you can print the Demand simulation report, which includes:

Simulation Products (with quantity)
Components Demand (with demand quantity and forecast quantity)
Components to Replenish (with replenished quantity)

PAOLO MARCANTONI      14/10/22, 09:30

Accounting Payable Cycle
with Odoo

Functional    Community Talk

Reconciling vendor bills to purchase orders can be difficult at times. Vendors rarely send the invoice matching exactly the purchase order. Also managing a correct cycle of vendor bill authorisation could be hard as well as managing external consultant work in Odoo. With our solution called "Accounting Payable Cycle" we connect all the dots from Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order and from Purchase Order to the Bill, managing the received product in all possible scenarios (services, storable products and subscriptions) through the standard Odoo modules. In this demo you will see how you can manage the external consultant work through the purchase requisition of a specific type, managing the timesheets of the external consultant and sending the invoice authorisation to the vendor through the purchase order. Then you can reconcile the bill to the purchase order even if the vendor bill does not match exactly the purchase order.

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